Thursday, June 25, 2009

Promise Fullfill.....


During lunch time last Tuesday, Kak Anim our office mate had a chit chat with Pn. Ros, kutuk mengutuk, gossips and as usual talking about gals favorite hobbies.. cooking and eating. Especially Pn. Ros which currently pregnant first baby.... so to many food and food pickle she want to story.

Pn. Ros also tell us about her dream last nite, nasi ayam huhuhuhu sound very tasty. As our mak tipu-tipu here at BPJ, Kak Anim will cook a special nasi ayam tomorrow for Pn. Ros and rest of BPJ staf.

I also put the same promise to cook fry macaroni as a part makan-makan sesion tomorrow. after excersise at gym, a had a plan to buy the ingredients. Because of heavy traffic due to rain storm, i change my plan to buy al the stuff at cold storage, The Mall near to PWTC. i bought 1 pack of dry macaroni, perper and spies, shreaded cheese, parsly leave, tomateos and a kilogram of minched beef. i suppose to prepare the dish on that nite, but sorry to say, to tired coz of heavy lifting at gym,i sleep early that nite....... look plan still be a plan.

The next morning Kak Anim bring special nasi ayam to us, everybody really enjoying the food especially Pn. Ros lah kan. PAntry really cramp with hungry human being. Huhuhuhu makan-makan free sesion, whose want to reject, aite! she cook a BBQ soya sauce chicken at home and bring it to office and nasi ayam, she cooked at office with help of other office members.

today it's my turn to fullfill my promise, last nite after wakeup around 10pm and performing my isyak. I start playing with the ingredient:

1 packet of dry macarony (apx 500 gram) boiled till cook, and with salt and cooking oil.
1/2 kg minched beef
mix vegetable (suppose to be, but i only use self made chopped potateos, 4 pcs)
garlic, ginger and indian onion (bled together)
allagapas curry powder scramble omellette egg
sliced red and green chillies

fry onion
parsly leave

The cooking method, damp fucking easy.... just fry the blend ingredients then put everything into the frying pan. lastly add a bit of ajinomoto, pepper and iodised salt..... sound easy aite? ...... today morning, i bring the product to office, as i expect, most of them really surprise that i can cook. lantaklah.. do i care? we had a great makan-makan sesion around 11:00am at pantry. the taste not really good but not really bad. able to eat and can accep by normal tongue. the food not the importance thing, but the most importance is food create the strong relationship and bonding among us ....and i hope this will be a good beginning for all of us in this office to get together and to know each other more closed. ......

All the above : The finale product tadaaaa!

how the taste ha?..... i have no comment, lets other says ...

Top and Bottom and more bottom : close up the dishes

Top and Bottom : another half to party...

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